Don't waste money on Wandsworth Council's 'bridge to nowhere'


Wandsworth Council is spending £500,000 on PR but this bridge is now opposed by Westminster Council on the other side of the river.

It is also not endorsed by the current Mayor who is doing a review of all proposed bridges. 

The landing site is on green space on the north side and opposed by local residents - it is not a green option.

This Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge is a council vanity project that wastes much-needed funds. At the same time as major cuts in services, the council plan to raise £26 million for this bridge instead of asking local people what they want and need.

You can oppose this by signing the petition online and sharing this with your friends:

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    Good to hear that these Battersea Labour Party Councillors are standing up for the ordinary ranting Daily Male reader’s anti-cycling instincts. We need more road infrastructure, and less cycling or walking in our city. Contrary to what the crypto communist cycling nimbys say, diesel fumes, nitrous oxides and PM 2.5 are a health enhancing addition to our air (most especially around schools). Additionally, long hours driving and sitting in traffic are known to be beneficial for cardiovascular health, to lower the incidence of obesity and diabetes, and to cure cancer. In other words, just what the doctor ordered. True, because I read it in the Daily Male.
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    This bridge is just a corporate lush & brown envelope festival. Cycling just happens to be a pc vehicle to dish the money out. The corrupt elite do nothing for ordinary people. #hangthe0.1%
  • signed 2017-07-07 18:07:07 +0100

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