Save Flanagan's pub

Flanagan's is a great community pub - it should be protected, not turned into flats


There are plans to demolish Flanagan's Pub on Battersea Park Road and replace it with flats.

Aydin Dikerdem, Labour's candidate in the local by-election on November 10, says: "Flanagan's is an authentic Battersea pub that serves the surrounding areas superbly. The pub is welcoming, not too expensive and Gerry, the governor, is a great host.

"There are three darts teams, an OAP Christmas dinner club and so many other community activities. It's lovely that Chelsea pensioners travel down from Fulham Broadway for their weekly pint. Flanagan's should be protected for the future, not turned into flats."

Sign our petition below to show your support for Flanagan's and call on the council to protect this community pub from property developers.

You can read about the planning application and leave your comments on it here.

If you want to learn more about the campaign, come to the kick-off meeting at Flanagan's at 2pm on Saturday 29th October.
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    Sign the petition: Save Flanaghan's pub
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    There is enough redevelopment in the area. It is not necessary to remove all traces of the past.
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    I’m guessing that the proposed redevelopment won’t be affordable housing for local people, but will be aimed at the luxury market like neighbouring redevelopments. Therefor the market for these is already glutted…but there’s very few community hubs like Flanagan’s in the area.
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    Flanagans is an institution. There’s enough flats being built as there is and none affordable.
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    Flanagan’s is a great local pub with a fantastic atmosphere. Why developers might think that the new residents in the Battersea power station area might prefer generic corporate bar chains is beyond me. Keep!
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    Authentic locals deserve preserving.
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    Flanagan’s is an amazing and authentic community pub, whenever you go in it’s always buzzing and people from Battersea and beyond go there because of it’s great atmosphere. Pubs like Flanagan’s need protection, we should not let developers bulldoze important and loved venues of community life.
  • signed 2016-10-25 13:03:24 +0100
    Great Campaign.

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