Our candidates in Queenstown are Aydin Dikerdem, Maurice McLeod and Paula Walker.

Cllr Aydin Dikerdem (left) grew up in Battersea and is the youngest councillor in Wandsworth. He’s been working hard as your local councillor for a year, particularly fighting for more affordable homes.

Maurice McLeod (centre) grew up in Battersea and has lived in Wandsworth all his life. He is a journalist and is the founder and Director of Media Diversified.

Paula Walker (right) has lived in Battersea for 15 years, and  has campaigned tirelessly against closures of youth services locally. As a Nurse, Paula worked in a number of hospitals across London. 

Get in touch:

Aydin Dikerdem:
Email: adikerdem@wandsworth.gov.uk

Battersea Labour:
Email: contact@battersealabour.co.uk
Twitter: @BatterseaLabour
Telephone:  0207 223 5306


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