Our candidates in Shaftesbury are Samantha Heath, Sara Linton, and Mohammad Zaheer here with Marsha de Cordova MP.


Samantha Heath (left) is Battersea born and bred – she grew up near Clapham Junction and now lives on Eversleigh Road. Samantha is an expert on environmental and sustainability issues and would bring these skills to Wandsworth council.

Sara Linton (middle) has lived on Sabine Road for fifteen years, and has nearly ten years’ experience working as a human rights campaigner. She has championed local issues, including the campaign to save Battersea Arts Centre, working with her husband, a former Battersea MP. 

Mohammad Zaheer (right) has worked for a local education charity in Battersea for eight years, and moved into the area two years ago. He is passionate about providing opportunities for young people in Battersea.

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