St. Mary's Park

Our candidates in St. Mary's Park are Matt Valentine, Emily Wintle, and Steve Worrall with Marsha de Cordova MP.


Matt Valentine (left) has lived in Battersea for 10 years, and loves the sense of community here. He has worked in finance, runs a local business and will use these skills to make Wandsworth a borough that works for everyone.

Emily Wintle (middle) grew up in South London and has lived in Battersea for the past 15 years. She has 10 years' experience as a public servant, and is passionate about improving services for children and young people.

Steve Worrall (right) works in the charity sector, campaigning on public health, disability, and social care issues. He has lived in Battersea for the past 10 years and is now based near Battersea Park.

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